7 Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

Blogging is hard work. If you’re a blogger (or ever have been), I’m sure you agree with that statement. One blog post typically includes images, graphics, writing, editing, social media, SEO, and of course, inspiration. That’s a lot of moving parts!

Bloggers do all of these things and more on a regular basis. It’s one of the reasons it can be so overwhelming to get a blog started in the first place. No one wants to screw up, right? Well, any blogger can tell you that yes, you will make mistakes, but that’s just part of the process. While there are online courses, countless tutorials (that’s why I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to blogging education) and blogging coaches to help along the way, a lot of the learning comes from doing. You also learn from making your own mistakes. Lots of them. I’ve made my fair share of blogging mistakes, and continue to do so. But, part of being a blogger is working to continually improve your craft! From my experience as a blogger, as well as an avid blog reader, here’s 7 of the most common blogging mistakes (to avoid):

How to improve your blog - 7 common blogging mistakes to avoid

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5 Fall Boho Dresses, Under 100

Happy Tuesday! Today, I’m excited to feature this fall dress with a boho flare, that I’ve been itching to wear for months. I don’t wear too many boho-inspired outfits, so this dress is completely different than anything else I own. But you know what? I’m really digging it! Since I failed to include any boho pieces on my fashion blogger’s fall shopping list, I’ve rounded up 5 fall boho dresses, under 100 (so you won’t break the bank)!

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Beauty Picks At The New Rexall Inspired Beauty Department

What a whirlwind this past week has been! I’ve attended a number of events, which is why it’s hard to believe that it’s already Friday. If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, you may remember that the other night, I went to the Rexall at 901 Eglinton Avenue West to check out (and celebrate) their new, revamped inspired beauty department. I had a number of people asking me to explain what the event was about, so I’m sharing the details, plus my beauty picks from Rexall.

Rexall Inspired Beauty Event

Photo credit: Elaine Fancy

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The Ultimate Beauty Hack: Preventing Lipstick On Your Teeth

It goes without saying that lipstick is one of the key elements to any woman’s makeup bag. Lipstick finishes off any look, day or night. Whether you prefer a neutral, bold red, or daring black lip, applying the perfect shade of lipstick can make any woman feel confident and put together…unless you’ve had lipstick get all over your teeth. Honestly? It happens to me all.the.time. It’s the worst, but I still love to wear lipstick! So, how do you prevent that from happening? There’s countless tricks, but today, I’m sharing my ultimate beauty hack for preventing lipstick on your teeth.

The ultimate beauty hack - how to prevent lipstick from getting on your teeth

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